What I was happy about recently

What I was happy about recently

Hello. I’m Kenichiro Kaneko from Inomoto Laboratory M2.
The temperature has risen this year as well, and it is now possible to spend time in light clothing, and it is now the season when all the small items that were previously stored in the jacket pockets are rushing into the pants pockets.
The affiliation of the members of the I laboratory is a little complicated, and it is composed of members of the Department of Advanced Energy Engineering, the Department of Complex Science and Engineering, and the Department of Electrical Engineering.
I am a person majoring in complex science and engineering, but with the kindness of Professor Ii, who belongs to the Department of Advanced Energy Engineering, I am allowed to write a blog.
Those who are thinking of using the Kashiwa campus as a base will think about convenience and comfort somewhere in their hearts.
Today, I would like to introduce an event that caused flowers to bloom in the seeds of such troubles.

There was a wild rabbit.

When you look at the picture, you can hear the sound effect. Being hung up, my heart also bounces. By the way, this is the road that enters the campus from around Todainishi at the bus stop, and the environment building is visible in the background. This road is currently in bloom with jasmine-scented flowers and heals every time you pass.
When calculating sqrt (5) ^ 2 in Matlab, the result is 5.000000000000001e + 00, but considering that the hare is an integer part, the previous anxiety is like a decimal part. Or, if the whole sentence is a wild rabbit, it may be considered a typographical error.
It was an event unique to the Kashiwa Campus, which is rich in nature.
I’m going to the Kashiwa campus where there are wild rabbits today!

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