2021 event plan

2021 event plan

Hello everyone! I’m Nakatsuru from Okamoto Lab M2. Two new M1s have arrived at Okamoto Lab this spring!

Speaking of spring, there are many things to enjoy such as cherry blossom viewing and Golden Week. Going back to this blog, it seems that Okamoto Lab held various fun events such as cherry blossom viewing, BBQ, and year-end party until a long time ago.

However, since last year, we have hardly been able to hold events to implement infectious disease control. Therefore, it has not been possible to deepen the friendship widely. It was only once that everyone got together face-to-face.

If I wait for the infectious disease to resolve, I will be graduating. I would like to deepen my relationship with the members I met in this laboratory for some reason. We would like to actively hold events and online events where the risk of infectious diseases is sufficiently low. I think so.

One year until graduation. That said, you can’t just play around, so you have a limited amount of time to hold an event. For the time being, I wrote down what I wanted to do. There are various. I don’t know how many of these can be achieved, but I would like to do it little by little.

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