Wind tunnel experiment at Kashiwa campus, life

Wind tunnel experiment at Kashiwa campus, life

Hello. I’m Motokazu Furuya from Suzuki Lab M1.
Recently, it has snowed in Kashiwa, and it seems that the cold winter period will continue. Personally, I’m not good at being cold. Especially, the day after the snow, it is difficult to move with a moped, and I have to pay more attention to the timing and strength of braking, so I hope that a warm spring will come soon.
This time, I am glad to have the opportunity to write a major blog that I have always been interested in. I would like to write a little about the wind tunnel experiment and my life that I am doing.
The photo shows an experiment using a hypersonic wind tunnel on the Kashiwa campus.
The experiment is difficult, but it’s a lot of fun, and I’m focusing on how I’ll improve it in the future. I would like to firmly organize my research by considering all possible things, such as how to collect data.
I am conducting basic research on riblets in hypersonic flows (very fast flows with Mach numbers of 5 or more). The riblet has a structure consisting of a large number of grooves that reduces turbulent frictional resistance, and there are currently few research examples of hypersonic flow. In hypersonic flow, it has been studied for a long time that the state of the flow field changes greatly depending on the parameter of a single groove, and I am also interested in the similarities and differences around that.
Also, I am interested in the compatibility between the groove structure and the airframe surface cooling technology (a type that protects the airframe from severe heating by ultra-high speed air by flowing gas and liquid on the airframe surface so that it becomes a film), so I proceeded with the investigation. I am.
My research field has changed significantly since I was an undergraduate student, but I have been able to use valuable equipment such as hypersonic wind tunnels, teach me various things, and much more. I’m still indebted to you. I will do my best one by one.
Recently, I’ve finally become accustomed to living near Kashiwa. The landlord is also very good and I think I can spend the rest of my life well. It is very helpful that there is a supermarket with cheap lunch boxes nearby. I would like to continue using it.
I can’t foresee the influence of Corona, but anyway, I will firmly focus on what is in front of me, expand what I can do, and make the other half of my master’s life a good time.

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