Daily life of Yoshida / Saito / Nishiura laboratory

Daily life of Yoshida / Saito / Nishiura laboratory

Hello. I’m Nakagawa, a first year master’s student at Yoshida Lab.
If you go to the city, you will hear a Christmas song, and nowadays you will see a row of trees surrounded by gorgeous decorations. How are you all doing?
I’m sorry to say that this is a personal matter, but since my research is my lover, this Christmas is likely to be as fulfilling as usual. I’m very sorry.
By the way, I think there were many days at home this year due to the influence of COVID-19. Every year, I feel the shortness of the year, but this year when I was working hard at Stay Home, it seems that it was particularly spurred. It’s often said that it’s like a light arrow.
By the way, the introduction has become long, but this time I will write an article on the theme of everyday life in the laboratory. Yoshida Lab is working on research jointly with Saito Lab and Nishiura Lab, so you can work hard with many members. Furthermore, the guidance of the teachers is very polite and easy to understand, so I think it is a very blessed environment for research. Even in private, the members get along well with each other and sometimes take a break together. In this way, Yoshida, Saito, and Nishiura Labs are ideal laboratories where members can study each other in terms of research and relax with each other in terms of life.

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