A year in the corona

A year in the corona

Hello, is the mountain village of Koizumi laboratory master’s degree two years. It’s getting colder in December, but how are you all doing? Even in winter, when I go to bed, I wrap my sleeves in shorts and wrap it in a blanket, but last week I had a runny nose (although I took medicine and it was cured in a day). I don’t think it’s good to have a corona-like immune system, so let’s sleep warm.

Aside from that, 2020 will be over in just over two weeks. I think that many people have been forced to live a difficult life this year because of Corona. Basically, I couldn’t go to the laboratory so much and lived at home all the time, so I was stressed and it was difficult to maintain my motivation for research. By living like this, I thought that I was saved by the casual conversations that I usually dodge with my seniors and juniors in the laboratory.

Aside from that, Koizumi Laboratory is conducting research on rocket engines (electric propulsion machines) to be mounted on artificial satellites and deep space probes. As an example of an electric propulsion machine, I think that the ion engine mounted on Hayabusa is famous for the asteroid explorer. In addition to this ion engine, Koizumi Laboratory is researching water resist jets, water hybrid thrusters, and electrodeless electric propulsion machines. I am researching electrodeless electric propulsion machines, but the current situation is still in the basic research stage, and I am doing research through trial and error. However, it is the brightest and brightest propulsion machine owned by Koizumi Laboratory, and it is so beautiful that it will heal a little during the experiment.

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