Reasons for choosing a major / laboratory and research interests

Reasons for choosing a major / laboratory and research interests

Hello, this is the anterior horn of Yoshida laboratory Master’s 1 year. I don’t know much about what kind of people are viewing this blog, but I’m sure that a certain number of people are thinking about going on to this major, so “I am advanced energy engineering. I think it would be useful to write “Why did you go on to major?”
Originally I was interested in games and the simulation technology used in them, but today’s simulation technology (as you may know if you touch it a little) is to express “reality”. I often realized that I was pretty inadequate. The most typical example of “reality” that is difficult to express in simulation is a system consisting of many particles (and their interactions) like a fluid, and such a system is called a complex system. We “know” that a structure is created in a complex system (like a vortex if it is a fluid), but it is very difficult to put it into a form that can be “handled” like a mathematical structure. It’s difficult (and this problem is often neglected, as there are some cases where it’s commercially profitable without it).
Therefore, I personally think that this problem will be important in a wide range of fields, not limited to physics and simulation, and I am interested in the field of fusion plasma, which takes these problems most “seriously”, and made it a complex system. I decided to belong to the Yoshida laboratory because it is the closest to what I want to do, which is to deal with the resulting “structure” mathematically.
…… I’m sure there aren’t many people who come to this major with this kind of motive (for the time being, there are people with various interests in the laboratory, such as those who have research themes far more than me. However, I hope it will be helpful.
By the way, as an aside, I plan to conduct experiments using experimental equipment such as Yoshida Lab’s RT-1 in the future (according to the formulation I expected, or contrary to that expectation). I’d like to see where the “structure” is generated in the plasma.) I’m sorry that I can’t prepare images and photos of my research life like those who are writing other articles because I can’t do that much in the first year of the master’s course. I am thinking. The image is the simulation code I’m writing now.

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