Ryo Ono Lab’s daily life

Ryo Ono Lab’s daily life

My name is Atsushi Komuro, an assistant professor at Ono (Ryo) Lab. I was appointed as an assistant professor in this major this spring. As soon as I arrived, I was baptized by Corona and started a new life with anxiety, but after half a year, I gradually understood the structure of the university and the paperwork method, and I think that I am finally on track. is
Even in the laboratory, I often work alone to avoid crowding. It’s lonely to have no experiment because it’s fun to do experiments with students, but it’s also a precious time to be able to work silently by one person or a small number of people. Recently, I used this time to create a high-voltage pulse power supply for experiments. The attached photo is the output voltage waveform. Ryoken Ono is researching medical application technology for plasma, such as generating plasma with this pulse power supply and using it for immunotherapy of cancer. Outputting about 25,000 V with a pulse width of about 10 nanoseconds is the key to achieving good results, and handling such high-frequency high-voltage signals requires solid technology and a wealth of experience. The other day, I thought that the power supply was finally completed, so when I moved from the room where the power supply was being produced to another room where the experiment was conducted and moved the power supply again, the output voltage waveform changed. At high frequencies, various things are regarded as impedance, so it is sensitive to changes in the environment. At that time, I was able to get things done by strengthening the ground of the power supply, but I realized that making a device that is robust to the environment is also an important factor for successful experiments.

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