Online implementation of Kashiwa open to the public

Online implementation of Kashiwa open to the public

Hello everyone.
My name is Michiaki Inomoto and I am a faculty member in this major. I specialize in experimental research on plasma and nuclear fusion.

By the way, this year, the environment has changed drastically both publicly and privately due to the influence of COVID-19. There is a school festival as an event for the general public of our university, but this year both the May festival and the Komaba festival were held online. The Kashiwa Campus, where this major is located, is open to the public in late October every year, and we hope that many people, including those living in the neighborhood and elementary, junior high, and high school students, will come to the venue and enjoy a completely different atmosphere. I was looking forward to it.

The photo shows the plasma that our group is exhibiting to the public. Although it is through the glass, you can manipulate the plasma with your hands and see the response directly, so it was a particularly popular show for elementary school students, but this year the Kashiwa Campus will be open to the public online.

For details, please see the public 2020 site.
I will give a basic talk about nuclear fusion and plasma in the project “Mystery of Plasma and the Forefront of Fusion Research”.

This year, online implementation has become the mainstream, from lectures, academic societies, committees to laboratory meetings. It’s convenient, but when discussing 3D structures, it can be frustrating to make strange gestures in front of the camera, making it difficult to convey your intentions. I’m still new to online communication, but if you are interested, please join us.

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