A few months after enrollment

A few months after enrollment

Hello, this is Tanioka of Yoshida Saito Nishiura laboratory M1. By this time, the heat had settled down, and it was time to feel the comfort of autumn. There are only three months left this year, but the new coronavirus has not yet converged, and our research activities are limited as well as various events. However, deregulation and resumption are increasing, albeit gradually, and I am looking forward to the return of daily life as soon as possible. I am very pleased that this blog has been restarted.

By the way, in the second week of August, the experiment on the magnetospheric plasma device RT-1, which had been stopped for a while, was resumed, and I also participated. This is the first time I’ve been involved in an experiment, so M1 students mainly had a tour and a little help, but I had a very good experience. In the experiment, a superconducting coil that generates a magnetic field to confine the plasma is used, and the moment when it floats in a vacuum is impressive and memorable. From the next experiment, I would like to acquire the operations taught by my seniors and teachers so that I can participate in earnest.
In addition, as an individual research, we are conducting numerical calculations on the small superconducting trap under development. We are searching for data that can be used for development by calculating the orbits of charged particles and plasma in a dipole magnetic field under various conditions. We will do our best to get good results.

This year, everyone is having a hard time with the corona sickness, but let’s do our best because we can do it in the category of a new lifestyle. (I want to double it back to Corona someday.)

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