Conference presentation in the online era

Conference presentation in the online era

Hello. I’m Hattori from Hori and Fujimoto Lab.
Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, conference presentations have become online, and the opportunity to go abroad with colleagues in the laboratory has disappeared, at least this year.
The conference scheduled to be held in Norway was a video presentation, and it was required to make and upload a video in advance. I think that such presentation formats will continue to increase in the future.
In other words, future researchers will also be required to have the ability to create videos!
The 4: 3 slides that match the projector and the pointers that glow red and green are a thing of the past, and the beginning of a new era of conference presentations.

In anticipation of this, Hori and Fujimoto Lab have prepared video editing software and a shooting environment! !!
The completed studios in the laboratory include:
・ Whole body size green back! Move around in front of the slides!
・ Single-lens reflex camera compatible with WEB cameras! Let’s shoot with the best image quality!
・ Pin microphones and conference microphones! Record with the best sound quality!
・ Studio lights! Let’s do perfect lighting!

There are also various other equipment such as teleprompters and cameras with gimbals.
In the future, it will be important to shoot cool videos and stand out!

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