Research and Experiments in the COVID-19 circumstances

Research and Experiments in the COVID-19 circumstances

Hello. This is Izawa from Koizumi Lab M2. How are you guys spending?
I think that this year began with the Coronal Era, and everyone has a different laboratory life than usual. I think that this blog was also stopped by the rustling of Corona, but it will be resumed from now on.

Now, Koizumi Lab is participating in an artificial satellite project called EQ. Over the whole month of August, we conducted an environmental test of the satellite under development in the project. It was the sixth time this time, but the number of field workers was limited due to the coronal bruise. In order to deal with that limitation, we were able to complete the test successfully in a different environment from before, such as remote monitoring using Zoom and careful adjustment of the worker’s schedule.

It is only five months after the master’s thesis is submitted, but I will flexibly respond to the restrictions caused by coronal bruise and steadily proceed with my research, as in this test.

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