Participated APSPT-11@Kanazawa

Participated APSPT-11@Kanazawa

Hello – it is Murakami of Ono Akiraken. A while ago, I went to APSPT-11, the International Conference on Plasma Technology, held in Kanazawa last December. It was the first conference, but it was a valuable opportunity to present my research and get opinions from various people. Also, I was able to hear about research that was different from my research field, and this was a good opportunity to get interested in various research. It’s a bit bitter that I wasn’t able to answer questions in English to Eastern European foreigners. It was my first time to go to Kanazawa, so I went sightseeing in my spare time. Among them, Kenrokuen was just three major gardens and was very interesting. The string attached to the pine tree in the photo was one that was attached in preparation for the coming snow. If you imagine where the snow was, you will want to go sightseeing again. The next conference is the Electrostatics Society of Japan. It’s a bit disappointing that the venue is inside the University of Tokyo, so I can’t do sightseeing, but I’m looking forward to the conference because it is a valuable opportunity to listen to the opinions and research of various people.

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