A Hanami Party

A Hanami Party

Hello, I’m Takemura, a 2nd-year graduate student at Okamoto laboratory.

How are you, everyone? It’s been a month since the start of the new academic year, and I think new students get accustomed to new school life. Maybe you still feel relaxed after the Golden Week, but let’s push ourselves and work on study and research!

In this article, I’d like to talk about the Hanami Party of Okamoto laboratory.

Every year, Okamoto lab has a Hanami Party in the Kashiwano-park in front of the campus along with Terasaki laboratory with the department of Aeronautics and Astronomy. This Hanami party is also a welcome party for the new 1st-year students, and this year we welcomed 3 new students.

It was sunny on that day, but we suffered from strong wind. As the new students gradually become friendly with the lab members in the full blossom, I felt very glad and nostalgic because I recalled the time when I talked with the lab members for the first time at the same Hanami party. I hope this party, which usher in the beginning of new year, will last in the future

There are many blossom trees in the Kashiwano-park and so it is a very good place for Hanami. I recommend you to visit you there in the spring.

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