Recent report (Baba laboratory)

Recent report (Baba laboratory)

I am Hayakawa’s master’s year 1 at Baba laboratory.
I have written three consecutive travel style blogs, but sometimes I would like to settle down and tell about the status of the laboratory. (I can not say that it was because I could not take a picture I could see in the recent visit destination.)

The laboratory was in the dissertation season of December, January and February.
It was a large senior doctoral student who cut off the front row. Despite having a large task such as posting a paper other than doctoral dissertation, I overcame rapidly. There is nothing else to say. (Here, please think about the figure of cool D3 that will overtake Hakuron examination in time.)
It is not the year before the end of the school year that experienced seniors of the second year of the master’s year, but the dissertation presented at the National Conference of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan. It seems that some students have been forced to close by the end of the year, and have done simulation and writing on the end of the year. That’s why I closed the deadline because I supported the Hakone Ekiden firmly on the site and on the television at the end of the year. Dangerous. (Here, imagine the picture of M1 listening to the sound of the bell of the night while writing a dissertation.)
From late January to mid-February, it is a season in which the master’s second year seniors & the undergraduate four years juniors start driving. Some people could afford to run the simulation to the last minute, but it seems that everyone has passed the screening and decided to finish and graduate. Get it!

On the other hand, M1 who did not have the task of the dissertation had all hope and fear for the future. That’s right, it is job hunting. I listened to the seniors who came to the laboratory, participated in a joint briefing session, participated in an intern, discussed M1 with each other, and worked for each person. What kind of career does M1 of our laboratory draw? (I’m writing like someone else’s thing but it’s not someone else’s thing.)

The reason why I just arranged the letters so far is to hide what, there are no people in the laboratory to be the subject!

That should be it, today (2/25) is the first day of Todai entrance exam. If you show the student card, you can enter, but the co-op is not open, there are a lot of students, and it’s a little away. As we are in the lab where telework introduction is in progress (job-like propaganda), it seems that there are many students who do not come to the lab on purpose. (※ Baba laboratory is not in Kashiwa and is in Hongo. Therefore, it is under the influence of Todai entrance examination.) If an examinee who wants to enter undergraduate at Todai sees a blog of a major of graduate school on the day of the examination I do not think very much, but I support the students quietly. Please do your best. If there is an examinee reading by any chance, please come to our major after 4 years!
As mentioned above, I would like to conclude this blog with ale and a little advertisement for the students.

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