I went to the international conference of Glasgow

I went to the international conference of Glasgow

I went to the International Society of Glasgow in Scotland, England in mid July. Everyone, it may be a name that can not be heard much, but according to Wikipedia the UK is the fourth most populous city (the first is London, of course). It is once written as the fourth largest population in Europe (following London, Paris, Berlin). As you can see from the map, Glasgow is in the northernmost part of the northern latitude of 55 degrees. Because of that, whether it was summer this year it became a hot summer, Glasgow had a day when the maximum temperature did not reach 20 ℃, and it was chilly without morning and evening wearing long sleeves. That point was very comfortable. The picture was taken in front of the university of Glasgow which was a meeting place. It is a very historical university. The center of the city is pretty prosperous, I am drinking a pub every evening with a guy from my laboratory who is currently doing assistant professions at another university. When I am at university, it is a good place to go to various countries at academic conferences like this. The academy is ESCAMPIG, a European plasma related academic society. There were some interesting presentations, it was a meaningful and enjoyable business trip.

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