Kajita Laboratory

Kajita Laboratory

Plasma Science Laboratory

Shin KAJITA,Professor


Kajita Laboratory


Introduction of Laboratory

In Kajita Laboratory, we are working on plasma diagnostics, which is essential for plasma control, and plasma interaction research with reactor materials that support plasmas in order to realize nuclear fusion, which is a holy grail for solving energy problems. In addition, the research theme is industrial application using metals and metal oxides that have been modified by plasma treatments. In the field of plasma measurement, we aim to establish a measurement method by learning the characteristics of plasma and plasma emissions through machine learning. In the area of plasma-material-interaction, we will focus on the phenomenon of fuzzy metals formed by plasma irradiation using experimental devices that simulate the environment of a nuclear fusion reactor. We will also conduct experiments on photocatalytic ethylene degradation and artificial photosynthesis using fuzzy metal oxides.

Career Summary