Baba Laboratory

Baba Laboratory

Electromagnetic Energy System Laboratory

Power Electronics

Jumpei BABA, Professor

BABA, Jumpei

Baba Laboratory


Introduction of Laboratory

Baba Laboratory studies the application of Power Electronics, Energy Storage System, ICT and other novel technologies for the electric power system to realize the future energy supply system. We study both software-based and hardware-based subjects; for instance, controlling the equipment in the remote island by use of ICT. Photo voltaics and wind turbines, that are the essential power generation systems for carbon neutral society, supply unstable power and use power conversion system, that has quite different characteristics from the conventional rotating machine. Compensation of power fluctuation and low inertia and so on is required in order to the large penetration of those system. We study new control strategy of power conversion system, demand side management and economical power system and so on to realize future energy supply system.

Career Summary