Joint experiment at Oxford fusion venture

Joint experiment at Oxford fusion venture

I’m Ono. After the corona crisis gradually subsided, I went to Tokamak Energy Research Institute, a nuclear fusion venture company, for the first time in two years. Here, the coalescence/reconnection heating developed by the University of Tokyo is adopted for startup, and ion heating of over 10 million degrees can be obtained with just that alone. In March, we achieved an ion temperature of 100 million degrees for the first time as a nuclear fusion venture. Since the power source is powerful, the magnetic field is one order of magnitude higher than that of the University of Tokyo, but the large radius of the plasma is as compact as the TS-4 apparatus of the University of Tokyo. Our mission is to find the optimum operating method and coil arrangement that maximize coalescence heating. And to set the ion Doppler tomography measurement of the University of Tokyo in the ST-40 experimental device. The University of Tokyo has just made several proposals for optimum operation, and the software for estimating the magnetic surface has also been transferred from the University of Tokyo. I’m here. The photo shows Dr. Tanabe smiling while investigating the measurement port for ion Doppler tomography. Well, the town of Oxford is almost the same as before corona. Almost no one wears a mask. Everyone has been vaccinated, and it seems that they are aware that even if they get the coronavirus, it is no different from getting a cold. I have the impression that the global standard is gradually becoming there. Cutlet curry is popular in town. I was surprised to find that not only oriental restaurants but also Bab in the UK have cutlet curry on their menus. If you look at it, the cutlet is slightly different from Japan in that it is a chicken cutlet, partly for religious reasons, but the curry is almost Japanese curry. The picture is of Christchurch, Oxford, which was also the stage of Harry Potter, and a bento box of cutlet curry. From now on, Yasushi Ono’s laboratory will resume the dispatch of students to Oxford, but it seems that more students will be indebted to Oxford’s cutlet curry.

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