Electrical Society of Japan National Conference @ Sapporo

Electrical Society of Japan National Conference @ Sapporo

Hello everyone. I am Iwatsuki in my second year at the Osaki laboratory.
My last job before my master’s degree is blog, I am goodbye with you (Gusun … tears)
Today, I have participated in the National Conference of Electrical Engineers of Japan held at Hokkaido Science University, so I would like to introduce the situation.

The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan is an academic society in which a wide range of fields such as electronics, information, energy, environment, etc. are joined by a wide range of students such as students engaged in study and researchers / technicians engaged in research and development at the forefront of universities and companies. .
This time it was a very big conference, with about 1,600 presentations, 26 symposia and special lectures being held.
(From the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan website)

From our laboratory, Assistant Professor Terao, D2 Akabori, M2 Iwatsuki and Takamizo gave a total of four people.
(M1 Enokida (w) was away from home.)
Osaki Lab is mainly researching superconductivity, and I made a presentation for superconducting cable application to railways, but within a short presentation time (like the usual seminar Enokida) sharp questions and usually I received a comment from a different point of view, and I was studying very much.

Although in the middle of March in Sapporo city Teina Ward where the conference was held this time, the snow that has been snowed remains on the side of the road, and the temperature is also cold at around 2 ° C.
And Hokkaido University of Science where the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan was held this time was a wide and beautiful campus in about 10 minutes by bus from Teina Station (about 20 minutes by train from Sapporo Station).

Speaking of Hokkaido, there are many gourmets such as Genghis Khan, miso ramen and dairy products, right?
Above all, the most impressive thing about me is the seafood bowl I went to eat after going to Otaru after the conference.
What I ate was salmon roe, salmon, (Enokida …), crab-covered luxury chopsticks, and I had fresh seafood very delicious (like a jewel box of taste).
・ ・ ・ Even if you do not have vocabulary, if you are imaginative you are surely transmitted (w)

As mentioned above, I have learned anew the importance of having a broad perspective, saying, “Many sweets, delicious seafood, sake delicacy …”
From April, I decided to take an interest in various things while cherishing my own axis, and I joined the conference.
As mentioned above, the first and last blog of Iwatsuki, “The Japan Society of Electrical Engineers of Japan @ Sapporo” has been changed, “Hokkaido Dekkaido!
Well then, everyone, fine!

PS: Enokida, I asked for the next writing-(^ ^) v

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